Apple Wallet will soon let you store your COVID vaccination card

iOS 15 is the latest version of the software that powers the iPhone. One of the key features of iOS 15 is it allows you to download and store verifiable health records in the Health app, including your COVID-19 vaccination status and test results. That’s a timely feature for a pandemic — and soon, Apple plans to take it a step further by letting you add those vaccination cards to your Apple Wallet. That means you’ll be able to quickly present them to anyone who might request to see your vaccination status.

“Users can choose to share verifiable health records stored in the Health app with approved third-party apps requesting this information, like airlines, event venues and other businesses that facilitate in-person interactions,” reads an Apple developer blog post published Tuesday. “And in an upcoming software update, they can also choose to add verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records as a vaccination card in Apple Wallet to present to businesses, venues and more.”

The feature is included in the beta of iOS 15.1 but not available yet to all iPhone owners. Once it gets here, it could prove useful. A number of businesses, including restaurants, bars and sporting venues, are already asking patrons to present proof of vaccination or recent negative test results at the door. With the Apple Wallet integration, you wouldn’t need to remember to keep your vaccination card on your person as you head out the door — you’d have everything you need on your phone. It’s best to store your card now just in case you lose it (here’s how to retrieve your proof of vaccination if you misplace it).

In addition, Apple says its users should expect to see other convenience-minded integrations with verifiable health records.

“Organizations that issue Smart Health Cards will soon be able to use a new button to let users know that they can securely download and store their vaccination information in the Health app and quickly add and present it from Wallet,” the blog post reads.

Other upcoming updates to Wallet in iOS 15 include support for digital versions of government-issued IDs, including driver’s licenses. One rumor suggests that Apple will verify IDs like those using facial recognition, similar to an approach already used by some banking institutions to authenticate transactions on the iPhone.


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