Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version: Here’s what to expect

Battlegrounds Mobile India launched officially for all Android devices a month ago, and yet, support for iOS devices has been a mystery so far. Krafton has still revealed no official date for the game coming to iOS. While players on Android could play an open-for-all early-access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India even before the launch date of July 2, even a beta release has not come to Apple devices yet. Krafton has been quite on the availability of any such early-access version for iOS.

What do gamers have to say?

Well-known game streamers like Ghatak, Kronten and Mortal have mentioned that iOS players may have to wait for a while before they get the chance to experience the battle royale game on the platform.

With weeks of delay behind us and an indefinite waiting period ahead, is this the time for iOS users to move to Android?

Probably not. The availability of a single app or game should not be the reason for users to switch to a new device and ecosystem. Moreover, Krafton has hinted that the game is eventually coming for iOS users, so when it does, your switch may end up feeling pointless. With the large user base that uses iOS devices in India, Krafton is unlikely to drop support for iOS completely, and the iOS official release should only be a matter of time.   ReadMore


Source : indianexpress

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