Consumer Rights Every Indian Should Be Aware Of

Rajya Sabha passed the Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 that decides to provide establishment of authorities for timely and effective administration and settlement of consumer disputes. This Bill has already been passed by the Lower House of Parliament, Lok Sabha.


This Bill majorly looks out for the benefits of consumer and imparts rights to him/her as a consumer. It seeks to strengthen their rights and provides a mechanism for addressing these complaints, with any regards to defects in goods or deficiency in services. This Consumer Protection Bill 2019 replaces the old Consumer Protection Act, 1986 has several new provisions and rules which never existed in India.

We have already informed you about the part of the Bill where advertisers use celebrities to get common man interested in their products. Any such misleading advertisement will cost the alleged celebrity and advertiser a hefty fine of Rs 50 lakh or 5 years’ jail time.

Consumers Can Now File a Compliant Anywhere

According to this new law, a consumer can now file a complaint either at the District Consumer Commission or State Consumer Commission, irrespective of where the seller has its registered office. Previously, one could file a case only where they bought the product. A complaint can be filed at the district commission by a recognized consumer body or multiple consumers.

Consumer affairs ministry shall frame rules amidst which one can file complaints electronically and get refunded digitally….Read More>>


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