Govt Approves “FabiFlu” For Treating Coronavirus

Govt has approved the sale and production of FabiFlu tablets in India, which is a variant of Favipiravir medicine. Costing Rs 103/tablet, this anti-viral drug is being manufactured and sold by Mumbai based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Govt Approved Favipiravir For Treating Coronavirus

A new anti-viral drug called Favipiravir has been approved by Indian drug regulator Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to be treated for mild to severe coronavirus cases in India.

Mumbai based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has received the green signal to manufacture and sell this medicine under the brand name FabiFlu.

Costing Rs 103/tablet, this medicine can help corovirus patients get timely treatment.

The entire pack of 34 tablets of this medicine costs Rs 3500.

How Much Dosage Is Recommended?

As per India Today, the dosage is 200mg * 9 tablets on Day 1, and then 200mg * 4 tablets for 14 days.

Hence, in 15 days, a coronavirus patient can recover using FabiFlu, as per the records available.

But a consultation with Doctor is highly recommended, before administrating this medicine.

Clinical Trials 80% Successful

As per the reports, Genmark conducted clinical trials on 90 mild and 60 moderate coronavirus patients across 11 cities in India.

The success rate has been stated as 80%.

Besides Glenmark, some other pharma companies such as Delhi-based Brinton Pharmaceuticals, Bengaluru-based Strides Pharma, Mumbai-based Lasa Supergenerics and Hyderabad-based Optimus Pharma have also applied for getting the green signal to manufacture and sell this medicine…….Read More>>


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