Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s disappearing messages

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced disappearing messages and dark mode features its beta update and is expected to release them to all users after initial testing. Disappearing messages feature allows you to send messages that automatically get deleted for everyone after a pre-determined time period.

It is new to WhatsApp but we’ve seen something similar on platforms like Signal, Snapchat, and Telegram.

The feature is aimed at improving security as you can confidently share sensitive information via disappearing/self-destructing messages, without worrying about manually deleting them in the chat.

How to use self-destructing messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s Disappearing messages feature is currently available in group chats only and not private conversations.

Under ‘Group Info’, tap on the disappearing messages option and then select message expiration time. Currently, you’ll see two options of 5 seconds or 1 hour but WhatsApp is testing the feature with more time intervals as well….Read more>>



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