How to check Indian Railways PNR status online

With the large volumes of the passengers on the Indian Railways network and the pre-booking window or the advance reservation period of 120 days, there are high possibilities that a passenger may not get a confirmed seat on a desired date in the selected train. The chances of getting a waitlisted train ticket or a train ticket with reservation against cancellation (RAC) status escalates particularly around the festivals, summer holidays and year-ender holidays.


Passengers who have received a waitlisted train ticket or a ticket with RAC status remain in a muddle whether their train ticket will be confirmed before the scheduled departure of the train or not. In order to calm down the panic among the passengers with regard to the status of their train ticket, the Indian Railways has enabled an online facility to check the passenger name record (PNR).

The train ticket PNR status can be checked online with the help of a designated online portal incorporated by the Indian Railways. Passengers willing to check the PNR status can visit the online website: An individual is required to click on the PNR enquiry tab to check the PNR status…..Read More>>


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