Know about Passport Seva Camp and its facilities available at mobile PSK

A Passport is one of the necessary documents for international travel purposes, be it to a visa-free country or to a nation offering visa on arrival. In order to obtain a passport, a person is required to present K a definitive set of other documents which can certify the proof of date of birth, residential address and other relevant documents related to an individual’s identity.


The government has assigned the procedural work of verifying an individual’s identity and issuing a passport to Passport Seva Kendra which was earlier handled by designated Passport Offices of respective geographical regions.

What is Passport Seva Camp or mobile PSK?

Addressing the huge number of passport applicants, there is a facility of mobile Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Seva Camp. A Passport Seva Camp is typically a mobile van or temporary PSK deployed in various areas situated far from the regular (Passport Seva Kendras) PSKs such as identified cities/towns and university campuses. The people willing to apply for a passport in the remote areas and other regions notified by the government visit Passport Seva Camps to submit their passport applications.

According to Passport Seva Kendra directives, each Passport Seva Camp will have Citizen Service Executive(s), Verification Officer(s), Granting Officer(s), consoles (with Internet facility) and various devices required for application data entry processing such as camera, document printer/scanner and fingerprint capture device.

Facilities available at Passport Seva Camps or mobile PSKs

At Passport Seva Camps or mobile PSKs, a person can apply for a fresh passport or for the re-issuance of a passport under the normal scheme (except for loss or damage). As per the present guidelines by the PSK, the facility of tatkaal, police clearance certificate (PCC) and other related applications are not entertained at the Passport Seva Camps…..Read more>>




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