New Education Policy 2020 – Latest Changes that will Impact Every Indian Student

Government of India has launched the New Education Policy of India – 2020, with some massive changes and amendments compared to the last policy.


Infact, National Education Policy has been revamped after a gap of 34 years, and this was much needed as well.

India and the world in the 1980s were a lot different than in 2020, and creating a new, diversified and advanced educational vision was important, and urgent.

Here are the 5 biggest, futuristic changes which will have long term implications for Indian students, and India’s future. Education means a way of life.

Coding From Class 6th

School children will be now taught coding from class 6th.

This is a big, important decision by the Govt.

The concept of programming and coding helps a long way in problem-solving and creating a result-oriented mentality. Along with Maths and English, Coding too will become mainstream.

This whole exciting world of IT will seep deep into villages and towns………..Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz


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