Nothing Ear (1) Review: These Wireless Earbuds Are Nothing Like You Have Ever Seen BeforeNothing Ear (1) Review: These Wireless Earbuds Are Nothing Like You Have Ever Seen Before

There are often times when palpable excitement precedes a product launch. You may be excited about a different tech product than I may be, but it happens only ever so often. This is one of those times. The odds of you being excited about the Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds, are strong. Transparent buds and case as well as noise cancellation (ANC). Earbuds as a category has been catching everyone’s attention over the past 12 months, also accelerated perhaps by changing work scenarios than just the need to get rid of wires. Fast forward, and no other wireless earbuds perhaps except the Apple AirPods, have had such a weight of expectation on their shoulders. After all, these are Nothing’s first tech product. Spoiler alert, this really impresses in some respects, while there are occasional typical gen 1 product niggles that should eventually get ironed out.

First Impression Is The Lasting Impression? Nothing made all the right noises pre-launch and that was also helped by the fact that the price tag wasn’t left at the altar of speculation. The Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds are priced at Rs 5,999 and if you didn’t notice, Nothing didn’t take the lazy route and simply do a direct conversion of the global price tags, bolt on the local taxes for India and sell you these wireless earbuds at whatever it all totaled up to. Globally, the Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds are priced at £99, $99 and €99. We must complement Nothing for this rational look at pricing in India—a direct conversion from the S99 price point would have meant a price tag of around Rs 7,300 before taxes etc. would have been added on.

At Rs 5,999 Other Wireless Earbuds Finally Have A Target: A quick look at the landscape throws up rivals simply based on the price tag. Some have active noise cancellation while some have adaptive noise cancellation and some simply let you save some money. And that is the biggest challenge for the Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds—the variety that it is up against. There is the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which is priced around Rs 5,990 with adaptive noise cancellation, the OnePlus Buds Z which costs around Rs 3,190 and has adaptive noise cancellation, the Oppo Enco W31 which is priced at Rs 3,999 with active noise cancellation, the very likeable OnePlus Buds which cost around Rs 4,990 and match the Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds with a large audio driver in each ear as well as Dolby Atmos sound support. And not to forget the senior citizen of this group, the still excellent Jabra Elite 65t which is now priced around Rs 4,999 and started out in life at a price tag upwards of Rs 15,000.

Nothing Like You Have Seen Before: We have seen some really pretty wireless earbuds. We have also seen some very unique looking wireless earbuds. But we surely haven’t seen anything quite like this. For all the wow factor of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, the pleasing blue finish of the OnePlus Buds, the sophistication of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, the brilliance of Sennheiser’s earbuds or the familiarity of the Apple AirPods, there is the Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds which have something very different indeed. Transparent stems on each earbud reveal what’s inside. You normally don’t see the skeleton and the innards of gadgets, but in this case, you do. The workings, up close and as personal as they can get without human contact…Read more>>


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