Simple ways for EPF e-nomination updation and more

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) members can use the e-nomination facility launched by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The EPF members whose Aadhaar is linked and verified on the member sewa portal can avail this facility. According to the notification issued by the EPFO, this facility will help EPF members in various ways. The e-nomination facility helps the EPF members filing online pension claims and also helps in the actuarial valuation of the pension fund.

The facility has been developed by C-DAC. Members can avail of the facility by logging onto the EPFO’s member sewa portal. This facility can only be availed by the members having who have their Aadhaar number linked with portal. They can file their nomination online. The notification stated that in order to use this facility the members have to ensure that their Universal Account Number or UAN is activated on the portal.

Filing e-nomination by EPFO members:

1. The form can be filed by the member on the UAN member portal.

2. The member has to first activate his UAN account on UAN member portal. The process of activation has been explained in the User Manual, which is available on EPFO website through Homepage >> UAN services >> UAN Manual Ver 1.1 (For Members).

3. The members can file online nomination form through UAN member portal which is available through Homepage >> UAN services >> UAN Member Portal or directly through –

4. The member has to login by enteringhis UAN and password.

5. The facility of filing nomination form can be accessed through the link Nomination Form under the tab Profile>>Edit Nomination

6. On clicking link Nomination Form, options for UAN, Member ID, Establishment ID, Name, Date of Birth, Father/ Spouse
name, Relationship, Date of Joining, Gender, Marital Status would be auto-populated from database and are non-editable….Read more>>




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