WhatsApp: How to quickly access important messages

WhatsApp is preferred by over 400 million users in India. There are times when you receive a number of important messages on the app, you feel the need to save them. Well, the Facebook-owned platform lets users save messages so that they can refer to them later without any hassle.

There is a feature called “Starred messages,” which allows users to bookmark specific messages so one can quickly refer back to them later. Read on to know more about how this feature works and how you can access it.

WhatsApp: How to quickly access important messages

Step 1: In order to save a message, you first need to open any chat on WhatsApp and long press a message.

Step 2: You will now notice a star icon on the upper side of the screen. Just tap on it to save it as an important message on WhatsApp. Do note that you can unstar a message in a similar manner.

Note: All starred messages appear in Starred messages section. This is visible when you tap on the three-dotted button, present near the search bar icon. The drop-down menu will show a “Starred messages” option. You just need to tap on it and then you can check all your saved messages.

WhatsApp even allows you to unstar an individual message in this section. For this, just long-press on the message and then unstar that message by tapping on the star icon.

You can also remove all the saved messages in one go. There is a three-dotted icon on the top, which lets you do that. Don’t worry, your messages won’t get deleted and will only be removed from the “Starred messages” section. If there are a lot of messages in this section, then you can simply type in the search bar to find the message you are looking for.

An alternate method to find important messages

If you don’t want to bookmark messages, then the easiest way to find a particular message on WhatsApp is to use the search feature. The messaging app offers a “Search” option in individual chats as well as in the main window when you open the app.

You can just type in the search bar and WhatsApp will immediately display all the messages related to your search.


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