WhatsApp logged out on its own? Don’t worry, it’s because of this reason

Some WhatsApp users on Android faced a weird predicament today – they were logged out of the messaging application without any reason. For those worrying if this is a serious problem, it’s just a bug.

Several Android users got a message that said their phone number is no longer registered with WhatsApp for the phone they are using because it might have been registered on a different phone. However, if they have not changed their registered devices, then they can simply log in again.

Earlier this week, Android users found that their older WhatsApp messages were not loading after updating to the latest beta version of the application. However, this bug has not been resolved in the latest beta update launched on Saturday.

Instead, WhatsApp has launched new emojis for WhatsApp beta on Android. These emojis have already been seen in the iOS 14.5 update for the messaging platform.

Beta users can see them on installing the latest update and send them with their messages. However, the recipient will not be able to see the new version if they have not updated to the newest pack…Read more>>


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